quoteIt! is ideal for . . .

  1. Speakers

  2. Pastors

  3. Avid Readers

  4. Writers

  5. Researchers

  6. Teachers and Students

  7. Coaches and Trainers

  8. Anyone who wants to record favorite sayings!

quoteIt! a revolutionary quote management system

quoteIt! is a product of Honeycomb Custom Database Solutionshttp://www.honeycombdb.com

With quoteIt!, you can . . .

  1. Quickly store and retrieve your favorite quotes

  2. Label quotes by category, tags, and notes

  3. Rate each quote for likability or impact

  4. Track all quotes by person and source

  5. Perform advanced finds to retrieve quotes, people, or sources within the search criterion

  6. Export your quotes as another file type

  7. Effortlessly share your quotes via email

Managing your favorite quotes, sayings, and excerpts has never been easier!

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Only $54.00!

The BIG question so many people ask is . . . “Why is quoteIt! such a good program for managing quotes?” Read why.